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Viacom vs YouTube - Part II

     The clash of these two titans continue. After Viacom demanded that YouTube remove all the content it owns from the site just last month, it has come out swinging again. This time Viacom has filed a copyright lawsuit against Google, the owner of YouTube, for a $1 billion compensation.
     This is the first time any media company has launched a frontal attack against Google and it would interesting to see the outcome of this development.

Presidential webvideo campaigns

     The era of YouTube has already had an indelible influence on politics. Just ask George Allen. This fact is not lost on the 2008 Whitehouse aspirants either. This presidential campaign will probably be the first one where webvideos will play a prominent part.
     With the exception of Rudy Giuliani and to some extent Sen. Brownback, all the front runners have a video section on their campaign websites. Both Democratic and Republican Candidates are unanimous in their choice of YouTube . Also Sen. Obama and Sen. Brownback atleast one thing in common - both use Brightcove to host their video/s.

* - DEMOCRATIC Candidates - *

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

John Edwards

Bill Richardson


*- REPUBLICAN Candidates-*

John McCain
This is probably the best of the bunch. A very slick site in monochromatic tones and extensive use of web videos.

Mitt Romney

Sam Brownback - The only video on the site - announcing his candidacy.

     On a related note - There is now an interactive web-video forum called Fora.tv, dedicated to the topics of current Political, Social and Cultural issues. This is a very interesting effort by founder & CEO Brian Gruber. The site features various channels, with content derived from sources such as Brookings Institution, Hoover Institution, Cato institute and C-SPAN to name the few.

Travel Video Resources

This is past-post update.
     In my earlier post, I had profiled two travel websites - Travelistic and TurnHere. (TurnHere has since morphed from an exclusive travel video site to a professional internet video service provider that now caters to a wide variety of businesses).
     Recently I chanced upon another interesting travel video site called the GeoBeats. Geobeats hosts free professionally produced short videos on international destinations, highlighting its history, culture, cuisine, shopping, nightlife and other aspects of interest. These short videos usually feature a host who gives a guided tour of the place.
     Geobeats also provides its own convenient downloadable video player that has all the videos from the site. All you have to do is just select the destination and the topic to be visually transported to that exotic place.
   Featured video of the day - "Jail Hotel" in Lucerne, Switzerland.

     Other useful video resources are the websites of popular travel channels on TV such as Lonely Planet and National Geographic.
* Lonely planet has a dedicated video site that features video clips from its own shows and also allows the users to upload their videos into any of its six channels.
* National Geographic has a video section with clips exclusively from its own TV shows. Check out the tab under "People and Places" for high quality videos from places both ancient and modern.

For many more video sites - Click Here

Viacom and Joost

     Just weeks after Viacom had spurned YouTube (covered in my earlier post), it has decided to partner with Joost. Under this deal, Viacom will provide Joost with content from MTV shows, BET networks and Paramount Pictures.
     Joost which was initially code-named "The Venice Project", is the brainchild of the founders of Skype. It is a new P2P internet Television platform, that will offer several channels of free broadcast quality interactive video programming.
     The users will be able to watch the streaming videos without having to download any files to their computer. Joost however is still under limited beta testing and will be available to the general public in the near future.

Ford Bold Moves and Videos of Hotrods

     It is no secret that Ford has stumbled badly in the market for last couple of years. Now with the change at its helm it seems poised for a turnaround. Internally it has adopted a strategy dubbed the "Way Forward plan" and for the public, a marketing platform called the "Bold Moves".

     A very interesting and fascinating aspect of this "Bold Moves" initiative is an ongoing online video documentary of its public introspection, its current status and future plans. To quote from its website, these episodes will contain "candid interviews from Ford executives, employees, industry experts and even Ford detractors, Bold Moves approaches each segment from every angle and keeps asking the question: Will Ford succeed?"
     New episodes will be posted weekly which will document Ford's progress and transformation.

     On a related topic I came across a video website for Auto enthusiasts called the WebridesTV.
     This site features an impressive collection of professional and user generated video clips of cars and related to cars. Models profiled range from the antiques to the hotrods including this million dollar car -

Click Here for more video sites.

Viacom vs YouTube

     Viacom after demanding that YouTube remove over 100,000 unauthorized video clips earlier this month, has decided to jump into the fray itself. Viacom which owns MTV networks and Paramount movie studios has announced that it will make available video clips of the content that it owns on its MTV-owned sites like this one.
     Moreover like with Youtube, bloggers and myspace users will soon be able to embed these videos into their webpages. The company plans to invest more heavily in new networks and digital properties.

Walmart Online Video Store

     After relinquishing its online video rental venture to Netflix, Walmart is at it again. Following the footsteps of Netflix, Walmart has launched a Video Download (Beta) Service.
     It seems Walmart has managed to rope-in all the major studios and therefore has a huge collection of movies. The movies can cost anywhere from approx. $10 to $20, tv shows will cost $1.99 an episode. These downloaded movies can also be viewed on select portable players.
     However it cannot be viewed on iPods and also the service does not work with Firefox browser.

     Here is a interview with Kevin Swint of Walmart's digital download division - from Bambi's blog